Our Solutions

A complete solution for energy-saving building automation ranging from IoT-plattforms and software to controllers, and field devices.

A complete solution for energy-saving building automation

Regin Group and our comprehensive range of solutions are all about asking the right questions. We know that in Europe and across the world, a majority of all properties are still using energy in old and ineffective ways. And this is why we, the team at Regin Group, wake up every morning asking why, and how to fix it. Why do we still have all these buildings just waiting to be updated and transformed into energy-efficient digitalized properties? And how can we change this as soon as possible? Contributing to a swift response to climate change.

The answer from Regin Group is clear. We have to make it easier to save energy in buildings, and this is why the uniting component of all creative solutions from us is about simplicity, and making the job easier. Easier to install energy-efficient infrastructure and energy management into properties, and easier to adapt the indoor climate to effective meetings, smart warehouses, focused classrooms, or the perfect night's sleep at your favorite hotel. This is our solution. And there is only one way to execute it. Together. Together with leading property owners, integrators, installers, facility technicians. Together with you.

IoT-Platforms & Software for building management

Together Regin Group offers scalable solutions and platforms covering all aspects of building management, connected or on-site-controlled. Our toolbox of IoT platforms, hardware, and software secures effective property management, energy management, and facility management. We constantly improve our intuitive interfaces with real-time access to all relevant data and tools, offering features tailor-made for saving energy and adapting the indoor climate in all types of rooms. On top of that, our programming tools are ready for effective workflows for both integrators and the daily management.

Controllers for intelligent automation

The brands of Regin Group are united in the mission to create intelligent solutions that are easy to configure, use, and install. Effective automation solutions should always be easy to integrate into existing buildings and networks, performing both locally or via connected solutions. Therefore, our controllers are ready to communicate with the leading protocols on the market. For us, great building automation is always running in energy-saving-mode, always adapting the indoor climate to the business and life going on in every different room.

Field devices for property infrastructure

All great energy-efficient solutions in buildings are dependent on a reliable infrastructure. In many ways, the infrastructure can be compared with the human central nervous system (CNS). Securing that the data our brain uses to make decisions is correct and that the tools to adjust and optimize every action are trustworthy, year after year. In our world, it’s called HVAC products – ready for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. And for us it’s about streamlining these products, moving away from unnecessary features, and always focusing on delivering the core of HVAC, e.g. the infrastructure for creating the sustainable buildings of the future.