About us

About us

Regin Group – Regin, DEOS and Industrietechnik – is dedicated to energy-saving solutions, focusing on automation to realize the sustainable buildings of the future.

Committed to developing energy-saving and intuitive solutions

Regin, DEOS, and Industrietechnik, are dedicated to developing energy-saving solutions for all kinds of buildings. Our devoted employees throughout the group work every day to realize our vision: "People’s Well-being in a Sustainable Future."

This is what the Regin Group is all about

  • Solutions for quick and easy configuration, installation, and commissioning, ensuring intuitive user interfaces and functions.

  • A customer-centric mindset, always going the extra mile to celebrate the success of our integrator partners.

  • R&D and production close to our primary and European market area.

  • Constantly being at the forefront of technical development and customer support, with a deep understanding of the European market.

Our partners' success is ours

One of the most unifying qualities shared by all members of the Regin Group is our commitment in supporting our partner network. We provide everything from high product availability and delivery reliability to fast onboarding, training, time-saving programming, and efficient system integration, among other services. We know that the success of our partners is our success.

Personal and local support that makes a difference

We believe that trust between partners is built through personal commitment and long-term cooperation. To achieve this, our strong sales offices throughout Europe, are offering the necessary commercial and technical support for our customer projects. Fast and competent support in the local language is crucial throughout all project phases. This is essential not only to accommodate time differences but also to understand the specific demands of our partners in their respective countries.

Our daily work centers around a customer-centric strategy

Jointly developed energy-saving solutions

A shared approach by all brands in the Regin Group is to invite the customers into our product development process at an early stage. In this way, we ensure that the jointly developed energy-saving solutions match the requirements and processes of our regional partners and markets. In the later beta and field test phase, we expand the circle of testers to adapt the current state of development to the rapidly changing market conditions. In this way, even the last good ideas find their way into our solutions for both existing and new buildings. Always securing cost-effective and streamlined property operations.

Products crafted with a user-centric approach

System integrators and operating technicians often require years of experience to navigate the complex building automation world of systems, products, and integration processes. Our product strategy focuses on developing solutions and services that are easy to understand across various skill levels. We design our products to be easy to use, ensuring they are easy to install, commission, and maintain. This approach allows us to accelerate faster toward our goal – minimizing energy usage in more buildings and taking faster steps to transform the building sector.

Offering Future-proof Technologies

Investing in future-proof technology is a long-term commitment to ensuring modern buildings. Our approach is grounded in the belief that technology should evolve without causing disruptions. We strive for our systems to be compatible with both existing and future technology by providing open systems that support standardized protocols and interfaces. With a focus on smooth upgrades, our solutions are designed to integrate new features and functionalities, ensuring that the building’s infrastructure remains at the forefront. In this way, we can guarantee an extended lifespan of our systems, while reducing the lifecycle costs of buildings.