Sustainable residences: HSB Göta invests in energy-saving climate control

HSB Göta, a leading property management company in Sweden, actively invests in sustainable climate control by leveraging Regin’s solutions for efficient building management. Through customized solutions designed to enhance energy performance and reduce carbon footprints, the company has empowered its tenant-owner organizations to realize remarkable energy savings - up to 10-15% - with the implementation of the standard concept.

The software application for climate control, developed by Klimatkontoret, stands out for its adaptability to the specific requirements of each building. The solution can be swiftly installed, enabling tenant-owner associations to gain complete control and detailed insight into their building’s energy data. Currently, around a hundred associations have successfully implemented the solution, enabling precise control, consumption monitoring, and energy optimization.

The commissioning process, from start-up to turn-key readiness, is completed within four weeks. The solution is designed according to a basic standard with two heating circuits and tap water to regulate incoming district heating. These circuits are managed by flexible and customizable freely programmable controllers, connected to the supervisory system Arrigo for building management, facilitating monitoring, logging, and alarm management.

In the event of deviations, the system generates an alarm within the local control system, forwarding it to any third-party systems if necessary. The inclusion of energy meters with configured limiting functions not only reduces energy consumption but also ensures the security and integrity of the settings. To further enhance energy savings, reference meters can be installed in each apartment, promoting better control, and maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the building.

The tangible results of this climate control solution are evident in reduced costs and optimized performance, contributing to the creation of environmentally conscious and sustainable residential homes.

Estimated energy savings

  • Approximately 10-15 % energy savings when installing the standard concept.
  • 5–10 % energy savings when installing room sensors.

Photo: HSB/Johnér bildbyrå