Schenker’s winning energy strategy saves millions

In a decade-long collaboration with the renowned transport company Schenker, Regin’s partner SI has successfully transformed its energy consumption using smart platforms for efficient building management, resulting in savings of SEK 180 million over 15 years.

Schenker Property oversees approximately 30 terminal buildings across Sweden. Steering away from traditional methods, the company’s prioritization of intelligent solutions and a holistic point of view has paved the way for extraordinary improvements in efficiency.

The flexible system, based on Regin’s building management platform Arrigo, meticulously monitors energy usage for both district heating and electricity, ensuring terminal gates open only when required. Indoor temperatures are precisely regulated, and the buildings are optimized for energy efficiency. Lights and fans remain dormant until necessity dictates otherwise. In addition, SI employs constant measurements, thorough checks, and timely adjustments to maintain a clear and accurate understanding of the current status.

Looking ahead, the focus shifts to education as the next phase of their long-term plan. The energy-saving strategy continues to unfold, with an ambitious goal of fostering awareness among terminal building staff.