Luxury indoor comfort with minimized energy use at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

In the centre of Madrid, seven historic buildings have been transformed into one vibrant destination. The Four Seasons hotel offers a spectrum of luxury - from the most expensive accommodation in Madrid's history to a shopping mall, rooftop bar, residences, spa facilities, and parking areas. Regin Iberica joined the project in April 2018, leading the delivery of smart building automation systems. In September 2020 the destination opened its doors for the first time, with a strong focus on long-term sustainability and energy efficiency.

This hotel stands as the largest and most expensive in Madrid’s history, declared a cultural heritage monument, with the first building complex dating back to 1895. Concurrently, the Four Seasons Hotel is deeply committed to environmental responsibility, actively working to minimize energy use and carbon emissions. When Regin initially entered the project, there was a need to devise a solution that could harmonize indoor climate, energy efficiency, design, and functionality.

“One of the project’s primary challenges lay in the seamless integration of diverse functions within the same space. With the building intended for mixed use on every floor, maintaining the independence of each area was a formidable task. Simultaneously, the interior design necessitated careful evaluation of the type of installation”, says José Luis Rincón Hernández, Project Manager at Regin Iberica.

Regin has been responsible for delivering a complete building automation solution, including systems for ventilation, cooling, heating, and underfloor heating. All functionality seamlessly integrated into Regin’s building management system Arrigo.

“We are very grateful for the trust in this comprehensive and challenging project. The result is a cohesive system that efficiently manages airflow, heating, and cooling in response to thermal demand and air quality. Integrated features for lightning control and fire detection improve security and oversight, while the connection to an external management system that transmits daily consumption data enables the tracking of energy measurements. With all these functions integrated into one system, the historical building can continue its operations with increased efficiency and sustainability”, concludes José Luis Rincón Hernández.

Technical solution
Approximately 70 freely programmable controllers, including EXOclever and EXOcompact, are installed in the hotel and residence areas. They control the heat recovery systems and the geothermal underfloor cooling condensation systems. Additionally, the system oversees the dual system of boilers and geothermal systems for underfloor heating.

In the hotel area, a total of 100 room controllers with communication for fan-coil applications have been installed, providing individual comfort for hotel guests. Furthermore, numerous field products have been integrated to ensure precise indoor comfort. These include differential pressure switches, liquid flow switches, immersion sensors, temperature, humidity, and CO2 transmitters, room sensors, bulb sensors, and external display units.